Frequently Asked Questions

When will you set up my tent? 
We setup your tent on a Thursday or a Friday, and take down the tent on Monday or Tuesday. 
Is Adventure Party Rentals insured?
Yes, we carry a 2 million dollar liability policy should any of our equipment cause damage or injure someone. 
I do not know where my utility lines are, Help! 
We will help you with that.  It is required by law to contact JULIE at least 48 hours prior to tent installation. JULIE DIG is not called out for inflatable setups.  JULIE inc. will notify local utility companies who will then send a locator to mark the underground lines using paint or flags. Once marked, we will know the location of lines to safely install your tent. The call to JULIE and the services are free, dial 811 or 800-892-0123. 
 What about sprinkler systems?
Adventure Party Rentals is not responsible for damage done to any underground sprinkler systems. JULIEDIG does not locate sprinkler systems.  To avoid damage, the property owner should be onsite to guide the set up. 
When will my inflatable be set up and taken down? 
We will deliver and set up your inflatable the morning of your event. You will be given a delivery window the day before set up. We will return the next day for pick up. Please note:  rentals may not be a full 24 hour time frame. 
How often are the inflatables cleaned? 
Our inflatables are cleaned and sanitized after every rental.
 What happens if it rains the day of my event and I reserved an inflatable?
You may call and cancel your inflatable up to the day before delivery. Once your inflatable is delivered and set up there are no refunds if the weather becomes inclement. 
What if my party is in a park, forest preserve or apartment complex? 
We do not deliver to parks, forest preserves, or apartment complexes.
 Can the inflatable function further than 100 feet from a power source?
We do not recommend extending the inflatable further than 100 feet due to the blowers not functioning properly with an additional extension cords. 
What happens if inclement weather arises during my event? 
It is unsafe to stay in a bounce if winds exceed 15 miles per hour. Have all persons exit the bounce, then unplug the blower and let the bounce unit deflate. 
Do I need a credit card to hold my reservation? 
Yes, we must have a credit card on file given at the time of placing reservation. 
Do you accept personal checks? 
No, we do not accept personal checks. Payments must be either cash in exact change upon delivery or credit card prior to delivery. Credits cards are subjected to a 2.5% fee, as well as we do not accept American Express. 
What happens if during our party the items we've rented get excessively soiled? 
We will charge your credit card a one time $200 cleaning fee.